Cheapest Stock Photo Subscription Plans for Medium-Sized Businesses

Need cheap stock photos for your business?  We mean REALLY cheap, like less than a dollar per image cheap for the best high quality, fully legal, professionally captured and hand picked photography for all of your commercial needs.  If you’ve found the term “cheap stock photo subscription” to be deceiving before, and not cheap enough for your business needs, don’t worry: this post is geared entirely towards medium sized business owners, with options that are really affordable and can really make a cheap stock photo subscription a viable option for your company.  Read on for our definitive list of the best cheap stock photo subscription services for medium-sized businesses.

Check out our Top 5 List of the cheapest Stock Photo Subscriptions

1.  DepositPhotos

If you want the user friendly interface and huge library of some of the most deluxe stock photo subscription vendors, but are looking for a lower price point and smaller package to make the deal better for your medium-sized business needs, this may be the right site for you.  Their inventory of 21 million images has a lot of amazing gems to offer.  And their cheapest price point of $439 for their 12 month, ten image per month is surprisingly affordable considering all the site has going for it.  If you do the math, that plan will average out to $3.66 per image, making this far from the least expensive cheap stock photo subscription service on a per image level.  But the tag of under $500 for a year deal is workable for lots of business owners.

2.  Fotolia

Is 500 dollars out of your price range?  For lots of business owners it may be, and the 120 photos you get with DepositPhotos may be more than you need.  If this is the case, look into Fotolia.  This site has an impressive offering of XL images and videos, and you can get a cheap stock photo subscription on their site for only $204 per year.  At that price point, you get 5 images per month, though there are some restrictions on XL image downloads, and they will cost you a little more.  Doing the math for this plan, you will see that you are spending about $1.70 per image for medium sized, and will shell out a higher $3.40 for the larger image sizes.  Again, if you went for a much larger package, you could get images at a fraction of the cost per photo.  But if you are a medium-sized business owner looking for a cheap stock photo subscription plan, this may be a good place to get started.

3.    123rf

Finding your business stuck in the unfortunate position of need a ton of photos, but operating on a small budget?  The cheapest plan on 123rf may be a good bet for you.  While it runs a high price tag at $59/month for their cheapest package, you get a LOT of images for this price point, making it a viable option for medium-sized business owners who need a cheap stock photo subscription plan that delivers on the volume.  At that price point, you can download 5 images per day, which comes down to a very reasonable .40 cents or so per image.  Of course, $59 per month comes out to a total of $708 per year, which may be prohibitively high for some medium-sized businesses.  But if you really need a ton of photos, this cheap stock photo subscription service is a good bet to get them at a decent price.

4.  Stock Photo Secrets

If you find yourself in the position that a lot of medium-sized business owners do, where your needs for photos and budget intersect in no man’s land, you aren’t alone.  After years in the industry, we’ve learned that for lots of medium-sized and small business owners, cheap stock photo subscription plans touted by huge sites aren’t cheap enough, and offer thousands of images that you don’t need and can’t afford.  But the other alternative of on demand photos only get’s expensive too, and isn’t the best way to meet your needs for most medium-sized business owners.  Which is why we have developed packages that meet this middle ground in what we think is the perfect way. They even have another list of the best cheap stock photos here.

Conclusion on the Cheapest Stock Photo Subscription

StockPhotoSecrets “99 Club” plan provides access to millions of high quality stock images, at the incredibly low price tag of only $99 dollars per year.  With this plan, small or medium-sized business owners can download 200 images in a year, and can download them whenever they like over the course of that year.  And doing the math, you’ll see that our images will only cost you .49 cents per image.  Plus, if you decide that you need more than 200 images, you can download more cheap stock photos for only .99 cents per image.  After talking to tons of medium-sized businesses and every leader in the industry, we think this is one of the best plans in the stock photo industry.

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