The Value of a Photospin Stock Photography Subscription

Almost 16 years – that’s how long Photospin has been in business. In the 1990s, stock photography wasn’t that big of an industry. Sure, they were around – stock photo agencies were a go-to for many marketing and advertising agencies. In fact, did you know that many of the commercials that you see on television use stock footage? That reminds me of the logo Reading Rainbow used in the early 1990s when they gave you a snippet of information – THE MORE YOU KNOW!


Memory Lane aside, Photospin has been around for quite some time. They were the first ones to offer a subscription-based service in the stock photo industry. How valuable is a subscription from Photospin? Let’s first define the word value. Value is what you find at the intersection of opportunity and price. In other words, you may have the opportunity to purchase what you need, but if it’s not worth the money, you won’t get it. Likewise, if you have it in your budget to purchase something, but you can’t find it, what you’re lacking is an opportunity.

Now, we’re just looking at the subscription-based service offered by Photospin. They have two levels – Plus and Super Plus. At the Plus level, your cheapest option is to get 500 downloads every month for $429 a year. Now I know what you’re thinking – that’s a lot of money up front! Nah – if you think about it, you’re only paying $50 for 500 downloads per month. You’re sitting at less than $.10 per picture – plus, once you pay the fee, you don’t have to worry about how much photos are going to cost you. Photospin will become your go-to site for stock imagery. You’ll be able to download your photo and move on with your project – all without worrying about extra costs. It’s a load off your shoulders!


If you need larger files, Photospin has your back. Keep in mind that individually, these photos cost as much as $30 a pop! I mean, we’re talking about high definition, poster size stock imagery. For the same 500 downloads per month – an extra $220 per year – you get all the same options as the previous Plus level with the additional benefits of being able to download them in larger sizes. Here’s the kicker – each of these photos is less than $.12 a pop! Seriously? Hands down, the Super Plus level provides an astounding value. Going the entire year without paying anything extra for your photos can make your life way easier than if you had to worry about the photo cost and every single one of your projects. The value speaks for itself.